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Chángquán refers to a family of external martial arts styles from northern China. The forms of the Long Fist style emphasize fully extended kicks and striking techniques, and by appearance would be considered a long-range fighting system. Chángquán refers to a family of external (as opposed to internal) martial arts (​kung fu) styles from northern China. The forms of the Long Fist style emphasize.

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By Kazrakus - 01:44
History of Shaolin Long Fist Kung Fu . They specialized in Northern Shaolin (北少林), Nature Division (自然門), Bagua Division (八卦掌門).
By Akinozragore - 18:38
Are many indications that Kung Fu originated from the Long Fist system. The form presented in this book is a basic Long Fist form from the Northern Shaolin.
By Doukinos - 09:59
Long Fist Power: Training the Complete Martial Artist & Complete Person Long fist is like a mother to northern Chinese martial art styles.
By Kadal - 17:02
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By Takazahn - 15:15
Northern Longfist - Series 1: Northern Fist (Volume 1) [Joe Maury] on Amazon.​com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hua Quan (Glorious Boxing) is a.

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